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There are religious traditions where a monk sets out with his empty begging bowl. The offering of food is placed it in and he accepts gratefully. The offering gives him strength to do his work. In return, he gives guidance and wisdom. There is an exchange. Both are giving and receiving.

Small Batteries Revival technology
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Large Batteries Revival technology
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Also: Battery Exchange for Any Electric Bike or Scooter (club) - $75/year

Rob Matthies' "battery revival" invention was selected by "Vancouver" magazine as the #2 "New Green" technology in its November 2008 issue:

That's Rob Matthies with City-TV Breakfast Television's Tasia Chiu holding Rob's micro wind turbine. The Revived Battery Electric Pickup truck is behind them.

Libby Davies MP stands beside the revived battery poster.

We have a battery library that you can swap (borrow) from.

Swap your weak electric bicycle or electric scooter batteries for $75/year. This is an electric scooter and bike club "battery library" that you can swap anytime.

We're using Revived Batteries. Guaranteed to be as Good as New.

That's a photo of Libby Davies, MP, who has been a supporter of battery revival in Vancouver.

To learn more about revived batteries, and how they work as good as new:
Read the Canadian Business magazine article. Canadian Business magazine selected Robert Matthies' Battery Revival as the #2 invention for 2008:

Rob Matthies is a member of the Vancouver Gadgeteers Club

..or the Ming Pao magazine front page story showing the Revived Battery electric pickup.

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What Robert Matthies has invented is the ReUSE of dead and discarded batteries, in addition to the ReCycling of batteries.

What's wrong with "industrial recycling", anyway?

Read the Greenpeace opinion report, titled, "The Myth of Automobile Battery Recycling", which alleges that: